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What's an "Information Discovery Platform"?

In Fogbeam-land, an Information Discovery Platform (IDP) is technological system for consuming content from a wide variety of disparate sources, and operating on the data in order to ensure that relevant insights are surfaced for people who need them, when they need them. Another function of an IDP is to link content and action, to ensure that actionable items don't "fall through the cracks". To this end, Neddick supports numerous mechanisms for "pushing" content to other people and / or other sysems. Neddick also features integration with a full-fledged BPMS system, along with a rich mechanism for triggering actions based on content features. With these features, a user can setup periodic reminders around a piece of content, start an approval / review process around a piece of content - and then check its status at any time. This ensures that the link between content and action is never broken.


Project Roadmaps

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